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What's an HVAC???

Please don’t tell me it’s another one of those airborne illnesses...

Actually, your heating/ventilation/air conditioning unit, does in fact have to do with the air in your living space. The ventilation part of it all is major in keeping crazy undesirable elements from floating around in the air breathed in your home; it also keeps one’s home smelling fresher. Acceptable air quality is the goal; so how does the HVAC system achieve this? In simple terms, think of a coffee filter (I know, I know, who uses those anymore? #KEURIG): it gives you the good stuff while important fibers stop unnecessary particles. Ventilation is especially meaningful for those with asthma, allergies or an extremely particular nose.

Now: let’s get technical. The better the exchange of outside air, blended in to existing indoor air, the better your room pressure and air temperature. Ventilation’s air exchange is also prime in reducing humidity in a room, and reducing carbon dioxide mishaps. The constant swap out of stale air for fresh air should occur with as little mechanical effort as possible. Which leads us to…

Changing Your Filter (aka Furnace Air Filter, aka Furnace Filter, aka Air Filter, aka HVAC Filter, aka…you get the picture…)

It seems daunting if you hear any of these words but have never done it before. It can also seem a little creepy as your HVAC system is normally housed somewhere dark with hardly-new spider webs, and who-knows-what-else.

Grab a flashlight and watch a Youtube video like I did:

The important things to remember are:

Change your filter every month with normal use, or every two months with occasional use of your heat or AC

Most filters are directional, and the arrow on the side should point towards the furnace unit

The furnace should be off when you change the filter

If you are one of our tenants, we will remind you to change your filter before each quarterly inspection, in case you forget. We hope that you'll enjoy your spring without pollen or irritants affecting the air in your home!

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