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Why rent out your property?

Is your growing family upgrading to a roomier home?


Are you currently a landlord and tired of the day-to-day hassles of rental management?


Is a new job taking you beyond the Beltway?


Consider renting out your home or condo with us! Rent the District can be your partner in assuring a steady income from your DC rental property.


In DC’s red hot real estate market, your investment will continue to gain value and you will immediately reap the benefit of effortless rental income.

What can Rent the District do for you?

At Rent the District, we will help advise you as to the best way to make your home rent-ready. We’ll work with you to determine a fair offering price.


Then we’ll work quickly to find you a tenant. We do all the legwork, including creating and advertising rental listings, coordinating showings, and vetting prospective tenants. Only top-notch tenants will be qualified.


Once we have placed a tenant in your unit, we will serve as their primary point of contact. We handle the paperwork, rent collection, and coordination of service requests and repairs. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your new source of worry-free income.

How much does it cost?


For owners who wish to receive ongoing property management services, Rent the District discounts our Leasing and Marketing Fee to 80% of one month's rent for the rental property. We then collect a fee of 8% of each month's rent ($200 minimum) thereafter for managing the property, collecting rent payments, coordinating service and maintenance calls, and handling your financial accounting and reporting.


It is our promise to our clients that all property services and maintenance are negotiated at a great price and charged to the owner with no markup.


For clients who wish to manage their rental property themselves, but would like Rent the District to secure and screen a great tenant, we offer a standalone Leasing and Marketing service for the cost of one month's rent. 


Also ask about our Absentee Home Care Service - whether you'll be away for a couple weeks or long term, Rent the District can work with you to set up a schedule for home checks to ensure that you come home to a fresh, secure, and well-tended home.

Where do I begin?


Contact Rent the District here to get started!


When you decide to move forward with our services and contract with us, we will begin with onboarding and finding great, vetted tenants. We don't collect any fees until your rental property is filled with an approved tenant. 


Contact us today to begin earning a great income from your rental property.

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