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Neighborhood Spotlight: Eckington

Spring is upon us – very exciting! Celebrate by starting your day grabbing a bike from Gearin’ Up Bicycles. Ride your new-to-you bicycle on the Metropolitan Branch trail, and take in the new construction against the back drop of the existing industrial lay-out. Hit R St NE and continue taking in the Eckington scene. Park your bike at Big Bear Café so where you can leave it to farm-to- table flavors from PA, VT, MD and VA found in a Big Bear Breakfast Sammie to fuel your most important meal of the day. Gear up for work and hit the metro: NoMa-Gallaudet Metro and Rhode Island Metro are at your disposal. You’re off work, you say? Well then, rest up, and if it’s a hot day you should join all the locals at the Harry Thomas Sr. Recreation Center pool. Peddle or walk over to Common Good City Farm on V St NW near 4th St NW to volunteer and/or snag a quick produce snack and other ingredients for your ‘fridge. Recoup from your day’s work (or excursions), take a shower, whip up those fresh goods in to a lovely meal for tonight. Perhaps, you need just one last breath of fresh air, or maybe you don’t feel like cooking tonight PLUS you need some entertainment- find yourself at Carolina Kitchen for the best Southern plates in town – tasty cocktails, too! Not bad for your average weekday! And when the weekend arrives, you’ll have Union Market, McMillan Park, and the National Arboretum close by to impress yourself and your visitors. Where is it that you live? Why, in Eckington, of course, at 1918 4th Street NE #1, Washington, DC. Check out our listing and schedule a tour of this great location today!

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