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Why Should I Hire a Property Manager?

For many people, the decision to use a property management company is obvious. They might be moving out of town or swamped with work and unable to manage their property themselves. For others, hiring a property manager is a tougher decision. Many have asked me, why should I pay for a property management company rather than simply manage the unit myself? My response is that there is nothing simple about managing a rental property in DC! Using a property management company can maximize your profits from your rental property in several ways.

The Best Renters Love Professional Management

Many renters in DC have been soured on renting from independent landlords. There is no shortage of irresponsible landlords who take advantage of their tenants, fail to maintain the unit, or raise rents illegally. Responsible renters like to do their due diligence in avoiding situations such as these, and often will seek out rental units with professional management so they can trust that their needs will be taken care of and their home will be managed responsibly. A property management company can provide the most desirable renters with the accountability they look for in a landlord.

We Can Keep Your Unit Legal

If you own an income property in Washington, DC, you have no doubt become familiar with some of the many laws and regulations governing rental units in the District. Is it worth your time and energy, though, to become an expert in these rules? Have you ever been concerned that you could accidentally err against an obscure regulation and be faced with legal action? Hiring a property management company is the way to guarantee that your unit will comply with all DC rules and avoid any scenarios of questionable legality.

We Protect Your Investment

A good property management company will have a rigorous schedule of inspections and maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape. At Rent the District, we don’t sit back and passively wait for rent checks to roll in – we proactively ensure that each property we manage is well-maintained by the tenants. This includes frequent inspections, both interior and drive-by, to keep close tabs on the condition of the property. Letting us take care of your property for you can save you huge amounts of time and unnecessary worry about what is going on in your income property.

We Save You Money on Maintenance

At Rent the District, we only work with fully licensed, bonded and insured maintenance professionals. We only utilize the services of the best of the best. Because we form relationships with these professionals, we can get the maintenance for your property done for a great price. We never add a percentage on to the cost of maintenance – it is billed to our customers at the same amount it was billed to us. This not only saves you money, it prevents you from being taken advantage of by irresponsible or deceptive contractors.

At Rent the District we are committed to making it worth your while to have your property managed professionally.

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