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The Washington, DC rental market can be intimidating to navigate, both for renters and for owners of income properties. Rent the District was founded to help owners enjoy the income from their DC apartments or homes without the hassle of leasing and managing, and to help connect renters with the DC rental they can call home.


Rent the District is different. We are not brokers or agents- we are property managers and nothing but property managers. Because we focus all our energy on managing Washington rental properties, we can offer quick, caring, and reliable customer service to all our clients. You won't be lying awake on winter nights, wondering if your tenants will wake you up with news that their pipes have burst- Rent the District can handle any emergency and we'll do it with the same care and urgency with which you would treat your own home.


As current homeowners and former long-time renters in Washington, DC, we are not only intimately familiar with the city but also knowledgeable about the needs of both owners and renters. Anyone who owns or lives in a home that we manage is our client, and we treat our clients like family. Contact us and see.

Leasing and Marketing
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“Amazing service. Very responsive and easy to get in touch with.”

— Jeremy G., Yelp Review

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